Nevada Mortgage Settlement Administrator Selects Springboard Solutions System to Manage Statewide Counseling Program

Program Administration Tracker™ to Help with Oversight of Statewide Programs
Riverside, Calif. – (Oct. 17, 2012) Attorney General offices around the country are gearing up for new statewide programs to put settlement dollars to work. A top concern for all AG offices is being able to monitor, report and measure the impact of new counseling and legal aid programs being created using the settlement funds.

The Nevada Homeowner Relief Program was created using funds from the National Mortgage Settlement to help struggling families find the right solution for their mortgage issue. The program administrator (Financial Guidance Center) announced today that they will use the Springboard Solutions web portal to manage the statewide program.

“We expect the Program Administration Tracker to create an efficient, streamlined process for implementing, managing and tracking this important statewide program” said Michele Johnson, president and CEO of the Financial Guidance Center and administrator of the state attorney general’s program. “It is important to the Nevada Attorney General that we can monitor and measure the impact of this program” said Johnson.

The Program Administration Tracker allows state AG offices and their administrators to rollout statewide programs more rapidly without new infrastructure. The portal allows for seamless and comprehensive program administration and oversight for National Mortgage Settlement programs.

Features of the system include:

Program Administrators

  • Manage and monitor counseling/legal agencies activity and performance
  • Review/scrub homeowner data to ensure data accuracy
  • Manage homeowner complaints and resolutions
  • View agency scorecards
  • Report the effectiveness of program(s) and partnersTrack funding disbursed to partners

Counseling Agencies

  • Submit homeowner data in an industry-standardized format
  • Escalate homeowner cases to AG office and administrators
  • Manage agency information and logins
  • Execute automated homeowner surveys
  • View agency activity and performance

Attorney General Offices

  • Oversight dashboard
  • View and manage escalations
  • View reports (by servicer, agency, zip code, program)
  • Review survey/outcome results

“We look forward to providing a solution to the Nevada Homeowner Relief Program that makes it easy for counseling agencies to report program inquiries and counseling activity,” said Justin Waller, Vice President of Springboard Solutions. “Our Program Administration Tracker is an easy-to-use portal that fosters seamless administration and oversight” said Waller.

For more information or to schedule a demo of the Program Administration Tracker, visit the National Mortgage Settlement link on the home page of