Springboard Solutions provides easy-to-use all access portal.

Attorney General offices around the country are gearing up for new statewide programs to put settlement dollars to work.  A top concern for all AG offices is being able to monitor, report and measure the impact of new counseling and legal aid programs being created using the settlement funds.

Many states are creating new hotlines for counseling and legal assistance for struggling homeowners.  Administering these programs across a network of statewide non-profits and third parties requires a coordination of people, process and systems.

Based on experience with over $2B in Hard Hit Fund state programs, Springboard Solutions announced the release of the Program Administration Tracker (PAT). This easy-to-use portal allows comprehensive program administration for National Mortgage Settlement programs with the following features:

The portal is now available for implementation and Springboard Solutions expects to finalize contracts with various AG offices in the upcoming months.

“We are excited about leveraging our non-profit and program administration experience to help AG offices and their selected administrators with the oversight of these important statewide consumer programs” Aaron Horvath President of Springboard Solutions.

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